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Turkey could be one of the best countries to buy a house. However, there are some details that you need to consider to make sure you do everything right.

Due Diligence is a Must.

Albeit you may find a detailed article on "Conducting Due Diligence for Real Estate Purchases", here is some answers to most asked questions:

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to check?
Before buying a property in Turkey, due diligence is a must and certain precautions shall be taken to avoid any possible pitfalls and potential problems. You must at least do the following due diligence works;

  • know the construction company, real estate and the people you are dealing with - do your research; check the background of the company, verify company information from Chamber of Commerce and Turkish Trade Registry Gazette;
  • do your comparison, look at similar properties from other estate agents in the same area and check them out;
  • always negotiate on price and terms of purchase;
  • check the title deed of the property for any encumbrances, limitations and other liabilities;
  • check the municipal records and occupancy permit for squatter buildings and illegal constructions and worse any demolition order;
  • make sure, the property you interested in is not within the military or security zone;
  • always but always, get your own extra layer of protection from an attorney looking after your interest
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What other works do you need?
What documents do you need?
Can you obtain Turkish Citizenship by buying a real estate?


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